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We also transport palletized flour and flour with our cabinet trailers. This is done with cabinet trailers with or without tail lift.

Versatile and logistics 

HB Bulktransport specializes in all forms of bulk transport. We prove ourselves as the right partner in the food industry thanks to our versatile logistics services. The fleet consists of units equipped with a track & trace system. Thanks to this advanced vehicle tracking system, exactly where a cargo is located on the route is known at any time.

For the bulk transport of foodstuffs – such as baker's flour – we have tipper bulk trailers, bulk trailers with special dryers, underloaders, a bulk trailer with compartments (varying up to 7 compartments), a weighing trailer and a railcar with trailer. The bulk trailers with dryers can be turned on both during storage and during the journey to the customer in order to be able to deliver the product in a good condition.

The weighing trailer has 7 compartments, is equipped with steering axles and is equipped with a calibrated weighing system. This ensures a greater degree of reliability and a higher load factor of the trailer. Thanks to the steering axles, this car also makes it possible to supply artisan bakeries in densely populated areas.

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